My 9 year old daughter likes being in charge. While that’s not necessarily a negative trait, there’s a right time and place for everything. In kindergarden, her teacher told me that I have a very bright young lady who possesses remarkable leadership qualities, but that we need to work on her trying to be the teacher.

That was my first time being a mother of a kindergardener. I was a little confused but challenged. I see every situation as a learning possibility so I picked up some books and called some friends who have older kids. So I sat my little girl down and told her that I wanted to chat with her. She was all ears. I started out by telling her how mama loved school and loved teaching and how I was one of the best students in my class when I was a kid like her. Then I went on to tell her that unless she becomes a good student, she can never be a good teacher to which her reply was,” mom, but I know everything in class and that is why I help Mrs. Goins teach other kids.”

Oh boy! This was going to be harder than I thought. Kids these days have an answer for everything. So I said, “Well if you know everything, how about we talk to your teacher and ask her to become your student and from tomorrow, you can teach her class.” The conversation was as follows:

Marya: Mom, does that mean I have to stand in front and teach everyone?

Me: Yes.

Marya: But mama, I’m still small.

Me: But you know everything.

Marya: No, not EVERYTHING!

Me: So how shall we handle this?

Marya: But I like to help mom!

Me: You can help when help is needed. The rest of the time, you should be busy being a learner so when you grow up, you can teach all you want.

Marya: I will try that.

At the next parent-teacher conference, her reviews were better. I had asked her teacher to reprimand her if she spoke out of turn or if she volunteered herself too much. I’m not sure what clicked in her mind. But one thing I realize is that I need to talk to this child of mine like a grown up. She has this bubble of energy inside her that needs to come out but must be controlled if not contained. Every child is different and as a parent, we have to figure out what works.