Strength in Separation

I was gone for 5 days a couple of weeks ago on a work trip. That’s the longest I’ve been away from my children. But they were in safe hands with their father so I shook my hesitation and put on a brave front. I know trips like these are going to happen often in the future and it is best to tackle them from a position of strength and courage.

I wasn’t really sure how my little one, who just turned 6, would handle this brief separation. The older girl has always been an overcomer, and as long as her needs are met, she can talk herself into coping with anxieties. She is also more open in expressing her feelings so she can communicate her emotions and receive timely suggestions. The little one is a happy camper for the most part but incredibly attached to me in more than one way...

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Jenny and the fake throw up day


Hello I am Jenny Parlor, I am in first grade but don’t worry I will move up to higher grades. JUST READ MY STORY! I was curling my dark brown hair in class while listen to my teacher talking to us about body parts until it all started. Mrs. Paniequa was on the body part…… nose. She even talked about all that gross stuff in it. Then this kid in my class Jordan Walter put fake throw up on the ground. And he is the most gross, meanest, weirdest person who ever existed! So then he started screaming, “Oh Mrs.Paniequa how could you talk about boogers, you just made me THROW UP!!!!”

“Oh I am so sorry Jordan, why don’t you just go to the nurse?” “Oh oh okay,” said Jordan with weak looking eyes...

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