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PostHeaderIcon Eating and drinking right

Should that even be something to talk about? Kids need to eat and drink abundantly, don’t they? I suppose they do, but if you’ve taken time to understand nutrition, you’ll know that even children need to eat the right foods in order to grow with good health! With obesity and other disorders plaguing the world today, it only makes sense to start early. But like anything else, we as parents need to set the right example by making┬áthe right food choices.

Here’s a few things I learned over the years:

  • Variety is the way to go. Offer your children a variety of foods, cooked in different styles so they can learn to enjoy mealtimes and experience different flavors.
  • Control your portions so they see the value of not overfilling a plate. When they see you savor every bite, they will eat slowly and eat enough.
  • Offer fruits and vegetables as snacks and learn simple and healthy alternatives to fried foods. This way, the food is packed with nutrients and still tastes delicious.
  • Find out what appeals to your child’s appetite. Is it color, smell, presentation? Focus your meal using those guidelines so a picky eater will be attracted to what is being served.
  • Cut out soda from your life. It’s the worst thing that happened to earth in every way.

More to come…