Sour Candy

Sour Patch Kids is a soft and chewy candy coated with sour sugar. I can finish an 8oz packet all by myself if I’m reading a book, watching a movie or even writing. A few days ago, my little daughter had me buy some and politely asked us all if we’d like a few. She and I love sweets so I knew how hard it was for her to even ask. While her dad and sister refused, I extended my hand out to her and she placed a single piece of that candy on it.

A few seconds later, I was begging for more, and each time, I felt her work harder and harder on her frustration. She’s been taught to share and sharing with mama is supposed to be special. But I bet she was wondering why mama didn’t realize that it was her candy and seriously, mothers are meant to have more control over their cravings.


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