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PostHeaderIcon The Faith of a Child

On my way back from the gym today I realized I had just a few minutes before the kids’ school bell would go off and they’d begin lining up to get into their respective buses to head home, so I decided to surprise them and pick them up from school instead of the usual bus stop.

The younger one was the second kid to come out of her class and I noticed she had a sad face on but as soon as she saw mama standing outside, her eyes lit up and she came and gave me the greatest hug ever that literally took all the pain away from from torso twists a short while earlier. Oh how I could just stand in that warm sunshine with the arms of my 5 year old wrapped around my waist. Then I asked her about the sad look on her face and the conversation was as follows:

S: Mama, did you know I was sad today? Is that why you came here to get me?
Me: I know you’re not sad baby but is something bothering you?
S: Yes, it was Brian’s birthday and I couldn’t have a cupcake because it may have had gelatin!

Just then, her class teacher called me and told me how my daughter just wouldn’t have the cupcake because she was afraid it may not be “halal.” So we went over the ingredients and lo and behold, it was perfectly alright for her to have so little missy got one and off we went to find the older kid.

During our walk to find the older daughter, she also mentioned that she got hit by a basketball and the nurse put a cold compress on her head and checked her vision. All these things made her “sad” and that she was trying to “connect” with me. One last thing she said to me made me feel like every bit of being a mother is worth it:

“Mama, seeing you outside my class this afternoon proves that there is an invisible cord between my mind and yours and that if I ever get lost, you’d find me.”

My heart hasn’t settled since she told me that. How can I ever disappoint her? May I get the courage to always have a clear heart so that connection is never disturbed with noise.