The days when you feel you’ve done something right…

Not that I’d like to take credit but a part of me feels a great sense of fulfillment today when I read a note my 6-year-old daughter wrote to her kindergarten teacher this morning:

Dear Mrs. M,
You were my kindergarten teacher last year. I’m now in 1st grade and have a new teacher. I’ve moved on but I still love you and will always be thankful for everything you have taught me. Love, S

Then she drew a heart and colored it, and gave it to me to check it for spelling errors. I asked her what made her write this note and she said, “mom it’s nice to let people know how you feel about them so they feel happy.” I have to confess that it was proud moment for me as a mother to know that my little child not only receives love but is capable of giving it back. That she can cultivate such thoughts and translate them into clear words at this age is indeed a virtue. As a mother now, my job is to make sure I nurture it so it blossoms.

I went to the bus stop earlier than usual today as I was eager to hear what her teacher had to say. I had also been thinking about her all day and smiling to myself, imagining what she must have been going through when she handed over that note. Was her heartbeat racing? Was she nervous and curious to know how her teacher would react? When she came out of her bus smiling, a little wider than usual, I knew she had exciting news.

Her teacher was so impressed with her thoughts that she nominated her for this special principal’s award that is given for extraordinary behavior in acts of service, display of leadership, kindness and courtesy and such. She will soon be called out during assembly and will receive free ice cream at lunch time.

She’s happy camper today but is back to her kiddy business, but I sit here overjoyed by my child’s little display of affection. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of it but I want to because it’s these little things that when put together, make a person who they are, and I’m liking where she’s headed.