My little bleeding finger

I was making lunch for my children this afternoon and while trying to open a bottle of this Oriental sauce with a bottle opener, I poked my right ring finger pretty deep causing it to bleed profusely. My 6 year old sees me trying to run cold water over it and then clamp it with a paper towel so she alerts her older sister and runs to our medicine cabinet to pull out some bandages. In a matter of minutes, we have several different bandage sizes, antibacterial spray, and some other stuff around me. I’m asked to sit while my 9 year old Googles “first aid for a deep cut,” announces that we need gauze, so she runs and gets some, and then we have the most efficient teamwork of junior paramedics on display.

I am now a well bandaged mother who got some real loving! Moments like these make me shed ...

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The relationship between will and energy

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are days when you wish you could be left alone on your favorite recliner with just your own thoughts and no other sounds around you. But then your little girl calls you for the 15th time in one hour because she can’t take the bowl of watermelon out of the fridge. You’re about to release a pellet of angry words but you control yourself because you know they won’t take you anywhere.

Kids need attention and care, and some days, a great deal of it. You know what, it’s alright.

Even today I remember when I’d trouble my mother for something at an odd hour and she’d happily (or so it seemed to me) oblige. I cherish the feeling of confidence I had in her...

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