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If I could record every lovely act or every beautiful story of my children, it would take time, pages, but mostly tears of joy and gratitude. It isn’t that they don’t have their share of tantrums or moments of breakdown. Trust me; we have plenty. They are little people with real emotions and feelings, but maybe I’m the kind of parent who looks at problems as opportunities for character enhancement so I try to focus on them with an open mind and even a challenge to make a better connection with my children.

The bounties, though, are heart-warming. And I collect them in my mental time capsule, relishing each memory and saying a prayer for more blessings.

One day I will be old, and my children will be big people. I’ll shake up my time capsule over a cup of coffee and wait for one of the memories to unfold. I know I will smile, perhaps have a few regrets and maybe even the urge to find a time machine to go back and change a few things. But I won’t be able to, and so I think that today I need to iron my attitude with a spray of stability and the warmth of nurturing, and hope that I won’t have as many what ifs or I wish I hads.