Mom, a human after all

It’s heart-warming to know that your children realize you’re human and can make mistakes too, that underneath the supermom status, you’re very capable of breaking a cup, or spilling coffee, or even forgetting that they wanted something else for lunch. Even more humbling is when they tell you “it’s alright mama, everyone makes mistakes.”

I think that while it is important to set standards for children, it is necessary also to stay relatable, so somewhere in the middle of it all, they can find themselves.

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Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some precious time before school with my little daughter. We get to school about 15 minutes before the first bell and though I could very well use that time to complete a few chores at home, there’s no pricetag to the conversations we enjoy, sitting by the playground at school. It’s our special time when we share secrets. It’s the time when my daughter can talk to me about what’s on her mind, happy thoughts or the not so happy ones, and the time when she can hear me out as well. In just these few days, I’ve come to know the introspective side of my 7-year old, her sensitive side and also her caring side. I’ve also had the chance to be even more grateful for these moments that create a deeper bond with her.

I am not sure how long we can continue thi...

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