…These are the desires of starship, mom.

And so you love being a mother. I do. It isn’t exactly a thankless job as you get rewarded each day by  a special hug and wide-eyed indication of how awesome you are. Its very important not to shift your focus from the pleasant happenings for the mundane responsibilities can sometimes be very trying. For example, have you noticed how your little chid always needs you to wash them in the loo right when you sit down with your feet up with that so perfectly brewed cup of coffee? Or just when you are visited by a great thought and want to write it down in your blog, all of a sudden everyone needs you for this, that and one more thing.

Space. I need my space. I need alone time where I do not exist for anyone, where I am not accountable for my expressions or choice or words, where I am not answerable for my attitude. You see, I exist, and am therefore a living creature that needs a comfortable spot that has a shield around it. I’m not asking for much; just an hour maybe to relax and unwind, to filter the nags and whines of the day. I need silence, a silence so still that I can only hear what I have been trying to say all day.

And when I am able to enjoy that little space, I’m energized and positive and happy and cheerful, and I’ll be the best mother I could ever be. Mothers, please do not deny yourself that space for if you do, the burnout can stretch into a very painful battle of the minds.