Here’s a collection of nuggets from my children (some sentences have been restructured to summarize the actual conversation):

  1. Respect us. Listen to us so we feel important. We can’t always be wrong.
  2. Please try not to raise your voice when you are trying to tell us we did something wrong. We can’t really hear what you are saying then.
  3. Please don’t tell us not to use “bad” words if you use them in front of us. That makes no sense.
  4. When you tell us about all the poor kids in the world who don’t get to eat all the yummy food we get to eat but don’t, we lose our appetite, so please use another motivational strategy.
  5. We’ve been around long enough to know when you’re being sarcastic so if you just tell us straight, it will be so much cleaner.
  6. We need you very much so please be available for us. We truly love you and even though we’re brats some days, it’s only because we can be comfortable with YOU.

Please add more of what you’ve learned from your children. 🙂