And so another Mother’s Day comes and goes. My daughters made lovely posters listing reasons why they love me and it wasn’t any surprise that they mentioned the reasons they did. But it feels wonderful to be acknowledged by the most sincere of all people, children. All day, the girls were coming up to me and offering lemonade or chai latte or a shoulder massage or a hug or a kiss just to reiterate their feelings on this special day.

And while I have no problems with today being the special day the world picks out to dedicate to mothers, I like to think my mother deserves much more recognition that just this one day. Perhaps today is meant to be a reminder of the years of love and care our moms have showered on us, or maybe a starting point to give momentum to a lifelong journey of gratitude. For a few, it may be just a formality because they jumped on a bandwagon of ¬†relationship vendors. I can’t say, but I guess it’s best to let some things be as unreasonably significant, especially if they do more good than harm.