My little bleeding finger

I was making lunch for my children this afternoon and while trying to open a bottle of this Oriental sauce with a bottle opener, I poked my right ring finger pretty deep causing it to bleed profusely. My 6 year old sees me trying to run cold water over it and then clamp it with a paper towel so she alerts her older sister and runs to our medicine cabinet to pull out some bandages. In a matter of minutes, we have several different bandage sizes, antibacterial spray, and some other stuff around me. I’m asked to sit while my 9 year old Googles “first aid for a deep cut,” announces that we need gauze, so she runs and gets some, and then we have the most efficient teamwork of junior paramedics on display.

I am now a well bandaged mother who got some real loving! Moments like these make me shed some tears of gratitude because nothing means more to a parent than knowing that the purity of your love was received and returned even without asking. It isn’t about the cut but the care I received, the genuineness of their concern and their words of comfort. To see the expressions on their face that today was their turn to take care of mommy was priceless.

I like to make a big deal of these events because they may seem small but in the bigger picture of life, are what add the sunshine and smiles.