A few sleepless nights…

Since the Florida school shooting, I have woken up a few times in the middle of the night and walked up to my children’s rooms. As I saw them fast asleep, I thought of those parents who lost their sons and daughters in what was once an inconceivable event, but has, in recent times, become a somewhat usual occurrence in the schools of today. I’ve been troubled — as a parent, as a teacher and as a human being. I know I share the same sentiments as everyone reading this.

These kinds of events lead us to thinking of the why, and while we all are entitled to our opinions, there has to be a plan in place to fix this broken part of our societal structure. I am of the opinion that the common man who is not in military or armed forces should not have such ease of access to firearms...

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Time Capsule

If I could record every lovely act or every beautiful story of my children, it would take time, pages, but mostly tears of joy and gratitude. It isn’t that they don’t have their share of tantrums or moments of breakdown. Trust me; we have plenty. They are little people with real emotions and feelings, but maybe I’m the kind of parent who looks at problems as opportunities for character enhancement so I try to focus on them with an open mind and even a challenge to make a better connection with my children.

The bounties, though, are heart-warming. And I collect them in my mental time capsule, relishing each memory and saying a prayer for more blessings.

One day I will be old, and my children will be big people...

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Helping your children develop their talents

It’s a privilege to see my children growing each day, physically and emotionally, building their personalities and developing from little people into young ladies. I have also noticed how they each have their set of interests and talents and as a parent, it is my responsibility to help nurture these.

But first, as sometimes children exhibit random interests, it may be confusing to figure out which areas to pursue. I have, therefore, exposed my children to a variety of activities such as sports, the creative arts and technology to help discover where their interests and abilities lie. Once those areas were identified, I engaged my children in acquiring knowledge and skills to further develop those interests.

Many parents force their children to pursue activities that their children may not ...

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Know-it-alls? Hardly. (A contribution by my friend, Jasjeet Kaur)

Mothers Day just passed. Mothers are celebrated with enthusiasm. We acknowledge how much our moms did for us.

As kids we look up to our parents as the source of guidance for all matters. They always have all the answers. Even as adults, mom is the first person we think of when we need urgent personal advice. She always says the right thing.

But you know what, as a mom, I now know some things I didn’t know earlier. Your child thinks you already know the answers. But what he doesn’t know is that you didn’t know the answer till the moment he asked the question. A parent learns on the job every second of the day. This is first time for the parents as well. They have never faced the situations that children create everyday. They take new decisions every day...

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The seeds of anger

Parents are human. We are susceptible to anger emotions stemming out of frustrations, struggles, arguments and disagreements or from just having a bad day. Sometimes we are upset with out young children for bad behavior or disobedience which is in order if delivered appropriately. And sometimes, we just have a bad attitude because we carry the weight of unfinished business on our shoulders.

But then there’s a lot of parents who shush every idea or opinion their child has. They allow their negativities to spill on innocent minds. I have seen it all too often and can visualize a heart break happening when a child is treated as an insignificant creature with no feelings.

I believe that there should be method in our madness as parents...

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Side by Side

The kids and I were walking in the cold this evening and though we were wrapped warmly in our winter coats and accessories, the chilling winds urged me to hold one hand of each kid on my either side. The little one overjoyed by mommy’s affection commented that she feels special when she gets to walk — not in front of me, not behind me but by my side.

I agree. When they’re ahead of me, I can watch where they’re going but I can’t hear them or steal a glance at their bright faces. When they are behind me, I need to make sure they’re still there. Right by my side, we’re together, connected, our pace adjusted to conform with each other, which I realized immediately is the way we should live our lives.

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I was upset with my 10 year old this afternoon for excessive whining over a very trivial issue. It was also real bad timing because I had to leave for school and gather a bunch of things. In a moment of fury, I said a few harsh words which I knew were indeed harsh because as I drove, both my daughters were unusually quiet sitting at the back.

A little later, I called my little 6 year old who had witnessed the fireworks earlier and asked what she thought about my words and if I was right to have taken that route. She thought for a moment and said, “mama, I think you could have been more polite. She was just tired and needed to cry. You should have let her for a minute and hugged her. Yelling at us makes us feel smaller than we are.”

I think I need to apologize, not for what I said but how I...

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The relationship between will and energy

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are days when you wish you could be left alone on your favorite recliner with just your own thoughts and no other sounds around you. But then your little girl calls you for the 15th time in one hour because she can’t take the bowl of watermelon out of the fridge. You’re about to release a pellet of angry words but you control yourself because you know they won’t take you anywhere.

Kids need attention and care, and some days, a great deal of it. You know what, it’s alright.

Even today I remember when I’d trouble my mother for something at an odd hour and she’d happily (or so it seemed to me) oblige. I cherish the feeling of confidence I had in her...

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