App Reviews

Here’s a collection of app reviews from personal experience. Feel free to request reviews on apps you may be interested in.

WebMD (Android & iPhone)
Unless you’re a healthcare professional, every mom is looking for a reliable resource to treat emergencies and check symptoms when kids (and other family members) are unwell.


  • This app has an easy to follow first aid section with detailed instructions on many emergency procedures that can be carried out at home. There’s also a section on medications, dosages, drug interactions, pill identifier, and much more.
  • The app allows you to create an account that can be accessed via your web browser or mobile app so you can save and sync personalized information on conditions you may require frequent references on.


  • Please do not use it as a diagnostic tool as the long list of symptoms may get confusing.

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing how you can look up details on a condition along with it’s symptoms and links to other articles, and the First Aid section of the app.

webMD  webMD2

How to get it: WebMD mobile apps



MamaBear Family Safety (Android and iPhone)
This is a great app if your children have a mobile device and you need to track them. It’s also great of your children are actively socializing online. In a nutshell, the guardian installs this app on their device, gets a password, and then the app is installed on the child’s device and linked to the guardian’s app. There’s a ton of custom features that can be set up based on your child’s activities such as “check-ins” at programmed locations, emergency messages, Facebook and Twitter alerts. The GPS feature works great so you can get an exact location of your child’s whereabouts as well as notifications if your kid is speeding!

Pros: The app is very easy to set up and you can add all family members to the same account.

Cons: The device must remain turned on in order for the app to work so it is imperative that you and your kids understand that. Often times, we run out of battery or turn our phones off during meetings and classes. In such cases, the app will send error notifications to the concerned parties. Also, I’ve used this app for 2 weeks and experienced a few crashes.

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How to get it: MamaBear Family Safety App